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          Privacy Policy ? www.cqmmsy.cn
          www.cqmmsy.cn provides this document to inform users of the policies and procedures regarding the collection, use and disclosure of data obtained from users of the website at www.www.cqmmsy.cn. www.cqmmsy.cn takes all appropriate measures to limit the risk of loss, damage or misuse of all user data collected.
          www.cqmmsy.cn expressly and strictly limits site membership and/or viewing privileges to individuals 18 years of age or older, or who have reached the age of majority as stipulated by the laws of their place of residence. Individuals who do not meet this criteria are strictly prohibited from accessing the site at www.www.cqmmsy.cn and/or viewing the content found thereon.
          www.cqmmsy.cn does not knowingly collect the personal data of individuals who have not reached the age of majority as outlined herein.

          Personal Information:
          Non?Registered Users
          Users of www.cqmmsy.cn who meet the age criteria previously outlined may view photos without registration and without the collection and processing of any personal information. Be advised, however, that the IP addresses of visitors to the site are collected and recorded in the event of any misappropriation of information and/or site content.
          Registered Members
          Registration with www.cqmmsy.cn is required for the uploading of photos to the site and allows user access to certain site features. At the time of registration, users are asked to provide personal information in the form of a username and an email address, both of which items are required for membership.
          Personal information, such as year of birth, relationship status and sexual orientation, may be voluntarily submitted by members following registration to facilitate identification of other members that meet specific criteria and to allow for potential communication between those members. Said personal information, with the exception of email addresses and IP addresses, becomes publicly accessible.

          Uploaded Content:
          Any and all personal data and/or photos voluntarily disclosed and/or uploaded to www.cqmmsy.cn by users of the site becomes publicly accessible and can be collected and utilized by other persons.

          Visitors to the site at www.www.cqmmsy.cn consent to the placing of cookies on their computers. Said cookies uniquely identify individual browser sessions. Both session cookies and persistent cookies are utilized. Removal of persistent cookies may reduce or inhibit proper functioning of certain features of the site.

          Log File Information:
          www.cqmmsy.cn's servers may automatically collect and record information sent by visitors' web browsers. This information includes the visitor's web request and the date and time of the request, browser type and language, IP address, platform type, referring URL, and domain names.

          www.cqmmsy.cn keeps a record of any correspondence initiated by users of the site.

          Personally identifiable information submitted to www.cqmmsy.cn is used to provide users with website features, which may include specialized and/or personalized features. The username (exclusive of email address) of any member uploading content to www.cqmmsy.cn is displayed in conjunction with the uploaded content and is visible to other users of the site. Content refers to photos, comments, messages sent via the www.cqmmsy.cn private mail, and any other such uploads or communications taking place on the site. Be advised that users may contact and be contacted by other users by means of www.cqmmsy.cn's private messaging feature. Any content submitted to www.cqmmsy.cn may be subject to redistribution via the Internet and/or via other media outlets and may be accessible for general public viewing.
          www.cqmmsy.cn will not make use of user email addresses or personally identifiable information to send commercial or marketing messages without the user's consent.
          www.cqmmsy.cn may make use of users' email addresses for administrative purposes without further consent. This use includes notifications regarding important changes to the website at www.www.cqmmsy.cn, customer service and other such communications.
          www.cqmmsy.cn analyzes aggregated user traffic information to aid in the streamlining of its marketing and hosting operations and to improve the quality of the user experience.

          Opt?in Communication:
          Any user providing an email address for the purpose of registering with or otherwise subscribing to www.cqmmsy.cn or a service provided by www.cqmmsy.cn specifically acknowledges that the email address so provided may be used to send to the user offers, information, commercial and/or marketing emails or other communications, and expressly agrees to such. Offers may be made available by way of email campaigns, which emails will include an option allowing the user to express his/her preference with regard to receiving such communications. Users may express preference by selecting either the ?accept/yes? option presented in the email or by selecting the ?decline/no? option therein.
          Be aware that by selecting the ?accept/yes? option, the user/subscriber is agreeing (opting in) to the offer being presented and, by doing so, is consenting to have his/her personal information, inclusive of email address and other collected data, used for that matter and/or disclosed to third parties.

          Opt?out Communication:
          Any user providing an email address for the purpose of registering with or otherwise subscribing to www.cqmmsy.cn or a service provided by www.cqmmsy.cn specifically acknowledges that the email address so provided may be used to send to the user offers, information commercial and/or marketing emails or other communications, and expressly agrees to such. Offers may be made available by way of email campaigns, which emails may contain a pre?selected expression of preference option. Failure to deselect said option (opt out) indicates the user's/subscriber's consent to the disclosure of his/her personal information to the third party making the offer. Should the user/subscriber deselect the pre?selected expression of preference option, his/her personal information will not be disclosed to any third party.

          www.cqmmsy.cn will, if under duty to do so, release any and all data collected in order to comply with legal obligations or to enforce the site's Terms of Service or to safeguard the property, rights or safety of www.cqmmsy.cn, its subscribers, users or other persons. Such release of data includes the exchange of information with companies, organizations or other entities, including but not limited to law enforcement and government agencies, for the purposes of protection against fraud or other illegal activity, regardless of whether said activity is described in the site's Terms of Service. It is the policy of www.cqmmsy.cn to notify the user, in a timely manner and whenever said notification is possible and permissible by law, of any obligation to disclose data to a third party. In the case of users who knowingly upload illegal content to www.cqmmsy.cn, all available data will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities without notifying the user of such action. www.cqmmsy.cn will not release personally identifiable information to third parties for commercial or marketing purposes without the user's consent, except as part of a specific program or feature for which the user will have the opportunity to opt?in or opt?out.

          In the case where a user has chosen a password or has been assigned a password allowing for access to the site or any part of the site at www.www.cqmmsy.cn, the user is solely responsible for the confidentiality of that password and is advised against disclosing the password to other parties. www.cqmmsy.cn has in place commercially reasonable protection?physical, managerial and technical?to safeguard the integrity of users' personal information and help ensure its security. Be advised, however, that due to the potential lack of security of any transmission of information via the Internet, www.cqmmsy.cn cannot guarantee the security of personal information thus transmitted, and that users who transmit such information to www.cqmmsy.cn do so at their own risk.

          Users are entitled to access and make corrections to personal data submitted to www.cqmmsy.cn and may do so directly on the website or by requesting www.cqmmsy.cn to make the required corrections via email to www.www.cqmmsy.cn/contact/.